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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  April 28, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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the demolition has begun. the most dangerous roadway in the state is being chewed up and spit out. >> the warning from cal trans, don't drive over the golden gate bridge if you don't absolutely have to this weekend. the closure is expected to have a major impact on traffic, but so far, so good tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. this massive demolition job is expected to continue for 57 hours straight. we can show you a live picture from sky 7hd showing the heavy equipment pull vair rising the structure that stood for 75 years. >> abc7 news reporter nick smith on the traffic detours and ama dates is on the construction site. ama let's begin with you.
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>> reporter: hi, carolyn and hi, dan. it is dusty and loud, and it is pretty darn impressive. just take a look at the demolition going on behind me. they are actually working on a few different priority points at once. that is places where the old doyle drive is in the way of the new construction. you can see through this whole area, this was a stretch of doyle drive. this chunk has been wiped out. demolition crews had to weaken the top of the structure and they eventually punched holes into the road. you can describe it as giant jackhammers. and then they can start ripping out all of the steel beams. finally may be the best word to describe the demolition of doyle drive. >> it is dramatic. it is history making. >> it is what everyone has been talking about, the weekend close shove so doyle drive can be hammered, drilled and torn to pieces. it began before 8:00 with just a few pieces of equipment, but quickly turned into an all out
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t ru mpfest. >> the hammers are what they use on the deck. and if you look, there are these big clippers that take down collins. and there are other excavators and an enormous amount of equipment. >> an awesome site for anyone nearby. >> i think it is kind of cool. this has been here forever. it is good to see it go. what they are going to build will be beautiful. we live here and we love it. >> here is your run down for the rest of the weekend. basically it is more of the same. they will keep tearing it down. you can see they are also spraying water over the structure. they are trying to keep the dust to a minimum as best they can. but they are just ripping this thing apart. crews are going to continue this on the priority points as i told you. they expect that major demolition to take about 24 hours, and then they can just move it out of the way so they can start building up the
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roads, and also throughout the weekend they will be paving it and striping it. while that is all going on, they will be continuing to bring down the old road until doyle drive is no more. as i said, this is 57 hours straight of demolition work going on here. that's two days and nine hours until the next shift comes in at 6:00 a.m. a busy night ahead and a busy weekend. so far everything is going according to plan. in san francisco, ama dates, abc7 news. >> it looks like it. they just pounced on it. as they looked over the demolition live from sky 7hd, the drivers are having to take all of this with doyle drive being ripped down. for the first time, southbound traffic is being allowed to turn left on gear rewhich is a -- geary which is a no-no. nick is there live. that's an odd sight. >> it is indeed. i will tell you that those who are daring to turn left are
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moving in dangerous waters. what we have behind us is a dangerous situation. we are literally waiting for an accident to happen. look over my shoulder. the trasks signals have become flashing. -- the traffic signals have been flashing. they are forced to navigate their way across the street. we have two new left turn lanes added to park presidio to turn left on to gear reand in the middle of all of this, no one is directing traffic. >> at exactly 8:00 p.m., this is what happened. traffic enforcement officers disabled the traffic lights and took position. they will be stationed here throughout the weekend. sfpd says it will keep commuters moving along and also the traffic pattern. take a look. in red, the closed off doyle drive. it shows park presidio to have two opportunities to make a left turn. california street or gear re-- geary boulevard. that is a big change for those
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who use it regularly. some commuters decided to avoid the confusion altogether by leaving the car at home. >> it is a first come, first serve basis. >> judy works for golden gate transit and extra ferry trips have been added to handle all of the extra passengers. the 555 to larkspur saw fie fie people -- saw 55 people. so she shared a tip for first timer. >> having a ticket early prevents you from having to get one. >> for martina, taking the ferry to the giants game and avoiding doyle drive in the process is a no brainer. >> there are lots and lots of people on the boat. i took one of the earlier ones. it is one of the best things to do. >> this is what we are talking about right now. the drivers are trying to navigate the light. she is run august cross the street. this is what people have been dealing with all night. there is no one giving directions here.
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we watched them walk away at 10:00 p.m. they came on at 8:00 p.m. and they left at 10:00 p.m. they wanted to ask the pd officers about, hey, what happened to traffic enforcement officers? that is cal trans. we didn't know if they were leaving or when or if they are coming back. our calls have not been returned. we are really waiting for a situation to happen. take a look over my shoulder one more time. i just want you to see what officers are dealing with. they are not dealing with the traffic control. they are trying to help people cross the street when they can. this woman is running across the street. no one knows what to do. we will continue to monitor the situation and give you an update . abc7 news. >> thank you. it does look dicey and chaotic out there. we hope it is not an accident waiting to map. waiting to happen. we are streaming sky 7hd video live on, by the way if you want to check it out there. the total cost of the project
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is expected to be $1.1 billion. again, this started at 8:00 tonight, and it is scheduled to go through until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. the project is expected to be completed in 2015. but they made quick work of this so far and started rapidly. the temporary new road is scheduled to open at 5:00 on monday morning. it will take drivers through the new tunnel where north and southbound traffic will be separated by a moveable barrier. the new configuration includes an intersection near the palace of fine arts. >> sky 7hd was overhead as the last two cars entered doyle drive. it was a lone suv and joined at the last second by a pick up truck and if they tried to time it or just got lucky here, they are to get around the closure. the primary alternate route to get to and from the golden gate bridge is 19th avenue. it is an option to get to and from marin, but which ever
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route you do take, expect heavy traffic during the weekend, so allow some time for that. >> keep in mind abc7 news is your source for the doyle drive closure. we will have updates on twitter and by text alert and you can download the app to help you navigate your way through it all. >> and we would like to see what you find out there. up load your video to you report . or e-mail to you report at you can also post your experiences at news. we would like to hear from you. we have a series of developing stories to tell you about. alameda county firecrews remain at the scene of a fire in unincorporated san leandro. this is the view from sky heavy hd. sky 7hd. a neighbor heard three loud explosions and then saw flames coming out of the structure. about 30 minutes later the fire officials declared it
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under control. the house was destroyed. no word on what sparked it. no one was injured. >> in a late development, the berkeley police arrested a man suspected it of running two bicyclists off the road earlier this week. it was all captured on camera. look at this video by one of the cyclists. the driver of the black acura rammed the first driver on tunnel road. the cyclist with the camera was knocked off his bike. neither was seriously hurt. police arrested the owner of the acura. 43-year-old michael at jack london today reported the car stolen after the accident. he is on parole and he faces charges of felony hit and run and heroin possession. the san francisco medical examiner has identified the body of one of the sailors lost at sea during a race. the kentfield resident was a graduate of redwood high school. he was one of eight crew men aboard the slow speed chase when it was hit and driven
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ashore by a rogue wave. five people died. the medical examiner did not say where his body was found. three other victims are still missing. it was a crime that shocked san francisco and beyond. five people slaughtered in their home in the district last month. police and prosecutors believe this man is responsible for the killings. vic lee takes us in the house for the first time and has exclusive details on a cell phone call that broke the case. >> the five bodies were found on march 23rd. the carnage happened sometime the night before. the victims, a cook at a chinese restaurant, his wife, their daughter and their son vincent. >> chief chan is married to the only member of the family that is now living. a daughter who discovered the bodies when she and their 12-year-old child went to the home the morning after the
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murders. he showed us the pictures of the victims which replace -- which were placed in a homemade altar in the dining room. they were bludgeoned to death one by one by their killer. police forensic investigators removed evidence from the house. but the two-story home is pretty much the way it was the day after the murders with blood stains covering the floors. several law enforcement agencies have given abc7 the following chronology of what happened that violent evening. they say the suspect knew both vincent and his wife. le hired him as a plumber to help him renovate the house last year. sources say he was the first to be killed. her body was found in the two-room unit on the first floor where she and vincent lived. we are told the killer then most likely murdered vincent's parents. their bodies were found in the garage. the killer then went up the stairs to their daughter's bedroom. he bludgeoned her to death.
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he waited for vincent to come home. his body was found in the entryway near the front door. sources say before killing him, the murderer severed half of le's hand with what they describe as a weapon perhaps while torturing him. after it was over he washed himself in the bathroom and then wiped it with bleach to remove the fingerprints. they poured the bleach on the floors and turned on the faucets to flood the room. while police were able to catch luke two days after they discovered the bodies, they say the suspect used vincent l e's cell phone to call him while eating with two friends. he was overheard saying things like, why are you using my wife's cell phone, and why are you telling me to come home now? after the murders the two friends called police and gave them luke's name. vic le,abc7 news. >> in oakland, apartment
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residents are getting relief after a developer boarded up their windows and wrapped plastic around a the building while living there. the apartments are under undergoing a major renovation. they sealed off the windows forcing residents to live this dark, airless units. >> all of the windows, and there is no air in there. there is plastic on the wall. >> did you give them permission to go? >> no. they came in unannounced. all of the tv's were moved away from the balcony. everything was moved. everything was boarded when we got home. >> holes were cut in the plywood and air circulators were installed. they issued a stop work order. they will meet on monday with redrawn plans and to answer questions as to how this whole thing happened. the family of missing teenager sierra la mar is expected to announce an increase in the reward for her safe return. sierra never made it to school on march 16th. investigators found her purse
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and cell phone, but no other clues. a reward of $10,000 was posted earlier this month. the family isn't saying tonight how much would be added to it. well, turning bad fat into good fat. >> and a proud evening for san jose's new firefighters. the surprise that followed tonight's ceremony. and then on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "nightline" the racy ads have come under fire. his antics of american apparel. and a freak brain injury transformed his world. meet the man they call an accidental genius on "nightline." >> thanks, terry. and looking again live from sky 7hd at the boil drive demolition project on going all weekend. abc7 news at 11 continues in 60 seconds.
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they are on the path to making that a reality. it is research that could some day help obese patients lose weight by turning bad fat into good fat. >> this difference is a white fat has lots of lipids. >> he is not just setting out to fight fat, but she planning to use it as a weapon. firs -- first it helps to understand we have all kinds of fat cells in our body. the lesser known brown fat which actually burns calories. >> if are you obese, you tend to have less brown fat. if you are lean you have more brown fat. >> scientists say the brown fat helps mammals such as mice keep their body temperatures up by producing heat and burn calories. the same is true for human babies. but the ratio of brown cells in our bodies typically plummet as we grow. but what if there were a way to change that equation to safely increase the number ever brown fat cells in obese patients.
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they believe they have made a breakthrough that could ultimately allow doctors to do just that. while investigating a common diabetes drug using a mouse model, the ucsf researchers isolate a protein that converts the ordinary white cells into the calorie burning kind. it exists in mice and humans. >> now we know how to make brown fat. what we are testing is to make brown fat by drugs. >> the next challenge is to find a safe molecule to control the protein. if successful he believes the result could be a new form of anti-obesity drugs that could be used alongside traditional appetite suppressants. >> what we like to do is to create new obese therapy. you get more brown fat by drugs, and this will be a completely novel way to treat obesity. >> a therapy of fighting fat with fat. >> the ucsf team believes they could have a drug ready for
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clinical trials the next few years. >> that's interesting. a surprise announcement capped a graduation ceremony for the new san jose firefighters. these thine teen new recruits will join other recent hires to replace the firefighters laid off a couple years ago. they are getting paid with $15 million federal grant money that runs out in 2014. the fire chief announced they have now found the money to make those jobs pearl nent. >> the recruits are included in the budgets. i confirmed that with the budget manager. >> i am living the dream. >> congratulations. san jose will thought be able to bring back five engines that were cut from the budget. the weekend has arrived. it looks nice. sandhya patel is here with the full forecast. >> some of the postings on facebook, i asked people what they thought of today's weather. nice, beautiful, all of those adjectives describe today's weather and that is what we
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are headed toward for the weekend. it is absolutely lovely weather for the weekend. concord and livermore, it was up to 69 in san jose and redwood city, 63 in san francisco. you can see low 70s in santa rosa and napa. the temperatures are going up from a few degrees at the coast to about 10 degrees in some of the inland areas. look at the spectacular sunset from the high definition east bay hills camera, you can see just a few whispy high, thin clouds as the sun went down at 7:5 september of you can get a chance to -- 7:57. 50s and 60s and most areas are clear except half moon bay. we do have a patch of fog and we will call it mostly clear. sunny and warmer this weekend. the cooler pattern begins next week, but it is really not a big change from what we are going to see this coming weekend. so here is the satellite and the radar set up. you can see the storm, but the storm track is pretty much staying north. so we are going with a dry
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weekend and really dry for most of next week as well. here is the set up. high pressure controls our weather and with this ridge of high pressure controlling our weather we will see warmer weather inland for the coming weekend. temperatures getting into the 80s. coastal areas, not much warming expected as an on shore breeze. the cool ocean water continues to keep the temperatures in check. we will go up about 2 to 3 dries for the coastal communities. it is going to be breezy like today. northwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. some school spots, north bay valleys in the mid40s. most other areas in the upper 40s to the low 50s. here are your high temperatures for tomorrow. concord, you are going up about 10 dries. 80 tomorrow and 80 in fairfield. san francisco, 67 degrees. on the peninsula, san mateo, 72. 72 in the east bay and you can see 76 degrees for san jose. 63 in half moon bay. sunshine no matter where you are around the monterey bay. 62 in monterey.
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up to 80 degrees inland in gilroy. if you are going to the giants game tomorrow night at at&t park, they host the padres at 6:05, mild and breezy. a temperature of mid60s. and then coming down into the low 60s range. toward the end of the game you might need a light jack -- jacket. warm conditions in land and comfortable at the coast. we will cool it off a little bit. a few more clouds. but really 50s and 60s coast side and mid70s inland. i don't think we have much to complain about, carolyn and dan. >> thanks, sandhya. well, this is sky 7hd live over doyle drive demolition tonight. >> you can see the project is in full swing right it will last all weekend long. we'll have an update on this major road closure next. ♪ [ typing ] ♪
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are live pictures from sky heavy -- sky 7hd. the crews have started 57 straight hours of frantic work to tear this thing down. it is expected to continue until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. now at least 40 hydrolic hammers are drilling away. they are punching holes in the top of the structure and the clippers are tearing it down. >> beware if you are driving from the main alternate route to and from the golden gate bridge. it is a little sticky out there. cal trans turned out the traffic light and they are flashing red at park presidio and gear reboulevard.
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>> this is because of a left turn that is now -- that is normally uh you -- allowed here. the traffic enforcement officers were there to direct traffic until about 10:00 tonight. then they left. now the cars and pedestrians are on their own trying to get across that intersection. >> nick smith described it as an accident waiting to happen. let's hope that is not the case, but it does look a little tricky and a little chaotic. >> a lot of cars. >> stay with us all weekend on the air and we will keep you up-to-date with that doyle drive project. >> right now let's talk sports. >> larry beil is here and day two of the nfl draft. >> day two of three. the 49ers add pure speed on day two of the draft. sports is next.@@b@
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